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Suggested Executive Board 2016/17

In July 2016, the elections of the WSEN will take place. If you are an alumni please cast your vote by Wednesday 27/07/2016 12pm GMT00 at the latest. WSEN Alumni have the chance to vote for the Executive Board 2016/17. The Executive is the core executive body of the WSEN. It consists of experienced members and volunteers guiding the network and operating the regular activities of the WSEN, like summit organisation support or future host selection. It is open to motivated students, who are or were delegates at a WSEN Global Summit, or former Summit organisers or volunteers.

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WSEN Global Summit 2016



Delegates at the first FCP Workshop in Lausanne 2012

Learn about the WSEN, from its connection to the summits to the support it offers, so all members may be drivers of change on their campuses.

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