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International Board Members:
Martin Bosak (Germany/ Netherlands), Leila Chakroun (Switzerland), Anatasha Dirorimwe (Botswana), Devon Ronald Dublin (Guyana/ Japan), Joseph Grainger Gasser (Switzerland), Melissa Fabiola Ingaruca Moreno (Perú), Jelioth Josiah (Kenya), Giorgina King (South Africa), Emanuel Kishai (Tanzania), Christopher Luederitz (Germany/ Canada), Wladyslaw Senn (Switzerland/ Scotland), Julian Sprick (Germany), Klara Johanna Winkler (Germany), Azadeh Zarekar (Iran)
Casey Macfarlane (Australia), Dennis Pedrazas (Bolivia), Isabell Mema Rasch (Samoa), Leat Ahrony (Taiwan/Israel), Marie Hubatova (Czech Republic), Nicola Rule (South Africa)

Webmaster: Agnes Meyder (Germany)

Advisory group: Joty Dhaliwal (Canada), Nikolas Hagemann (Germany), Ronja Ratzbor (Germany), Carina Zell (Germany)


Responsibility for Content We hereby declare ourselves not responsible for the content on other linked pages as well as not responsible for the opinions expressed by our users on this page. If you have spotted infringements, please let us know so that we are able to react to it in an appropriate way. We would like to emphasise that all university projects posters have been published on the respective website of the Summit where the poster was presented. Thus we deduce the right of the WSEN to publish these posters on the internet as well. If you identify content for which this deduction does not hold, please contact us. In general all content created by WSEN affiliates is under a CC-BY-NC-ND whereas content created by WSES delegates and other people falls under a CC-BY-NC-SA. Please contact us if you are unsure which license applies for the content you want to reuse!

Privacy We are very concerned about the privacy of our users. We do not track user`s behaviour nor do we use any personal data by Facebook or any other sources for our work. We will only use anonymous data to evaluate our international impact.

Impressum (Telemediengesetz (§ 55 RStV)) Even though we are a non-profit organisation, hosting only our web page on a German server, the German Telemedien law forces us to name a responsible person for our web presence: Feel free to send some greeting cards to:

Agnes Meyder
Ulmenau 1
22087 Hamburg Germany

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