Friends & Partners

Below are the Friends and Partners of the WSEN:


Student Groups or Networks

Greening the University - Tübingen, Germany (link)

Greening USiena - Siena, Italy (link) (facebook page) (their contribution to our Student Projects database)

ASEN (Australian Student Environment Network) - Australia (link) (facebook page)

CECADES (Confederation of Environmental Science Students) - Chile (facebook page)



Synergy Enterprises - Victoria, Canada (link) (facebook page)

The HUB Zürich - Zurich, Switzerland (link) (facebook page)

The HUB Berlin - Berlin, Germany (facebook page)

Ethical and Environmental Department of the National Union of Students - London, UK (link)

Xavier Center for Eco Harmony - Vadodara, Gujarat, India (link) (facebook page)

Potentiaa - India (link) (facebook page)


WSES Patrons - from the past to today

Dr. Rajendra K. Pachauri - director general at TERI (The Energy and Resources Institute), India, and chairman of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climae Change (IPCC)

Prof. Dr. Dr. Klaus Töpfer - director of the Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies (IASS), Germany, and former executive director of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)

Rob Hopkins - founder of the Transition Network (see his address to the WSES delegates here)

Prof. Dr. Ernst Ulrich von Weizsäcker - German scientist and politician, he was university dean and president as well as director and president of several institutes all over the world, e.g. the Wuppertal Institute for Climate, Environment and Energy

Dr. Vandana Shiva - founder and director of Navdanya (The Research Foundation for Science Technology and Ecology), India, and activist


WSES Host Universities

2008: Doshisha University - Kyoto, Japan (link)

2009: University of Victoria - Victoria, Canada (link)

2010: University of Tübingen - Tübingen, Germany (link) (WSES homepage) (WSES facebook page)

2011: Blekinge Institute of Technology - Karlskrona, Sweden (link) (WSES facebook page)

2012: Université de Lausanne - Lausanne, Switzerland (link) (WSES homepage) (WSES facebook page)

2013: Leuphana University - Lüneburg, Germany (link) (WSES homepage) (WSES facebook page)

2014: Stellenbosch University - Stellenbosch, South Africa (link) (Global Summit homepage) (Global Summit facebook page)

2015: Murdoch University - Murdoch, Australia (link) (Global Summit homepage) (Global Summit facebook page) (twitter)

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