Tree planting carbon offset project for the 2012 WSES with KYEMPAPU – we will keep you updated here!

Signing of the agreement during the 2012 WSES Knowing the inevitability of most of the Summit’s carbon emissions, the WSES 2012 team has decided to reserve a fixed amount of its budget to support a tree planting project as a sort of indirect carbon offsetting action. The presence at the summit of the founder and director of the Kirinda Youth Environmental Management and Poverty Alleviation Programme Uganda (KYEMPAPU –, Sylvia Namukasa, has provided them with a unique opportunity to invest this financial support directly in a very concrete project in Uganda. A formal agreement was signed with Kyempapu during the Summit for the planting of a variety of trees helpful to local schools, communities and the environment in the Kirinda region. Without intermediary entities and with the direct involvement of their dear friend Sylvia, they expect indeed to achieve the strongest positive impact possible for local communities.

The project is expected to start between January-April 2013 (the period between the two rain seasons in Uganda), and involves the active participation of the young people of the community. The WSEN will follow up on this project and provide regular updates on this website.

This gesture remains symbolic, and should at all times be considered independent from the 2012 WSES’s carbon accounting. The 2012 team does not judge that by supporting this project, they can make their impacts disappear and wash their conscience clean. They hold dear the idea that by helping local communities, they can provide positive impacts in addition to the negative ones they were not able to avoid.
May the trees grow strong, and so the resilience of the communities as well as the friendship with Kyempapu.

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