New student projects and 2012 WSES posters online!

Let's get inspired!

On the student projects page we now have 2 new project reports online as well as the posters from the 2012 WSES.

At first, Yumika Yoshinaga from Japan wrote about the environmental education activities the group called "e-cycle" at Doshisha University, where she is part of, is running. They taught about the garbage problem in an elementary school and the 10-to11-year old students learned how to separate waste in an interactive and joyful game.

The second article comes from the German M.Sc. student Martin Thiele who did his Bachelor degree at Maastricht University, the Netherlands. There, he was involved in opening the Books4Life second hand charity bookstore at the university. This project shows how the social and the ecological dimension of sustainability can be linked: books are recycled and offered at afordable prices. Furthermore, 90% of the proceeds are given to a charity - only 10% are used to pay for the needed expenses of the shop itself.

Additionally, you can now find all posters which were prepared from the delegates of the 2012 WSES and presented in September in Lausanne (Switzerland) during the conference here including additional material to some of the posters. In total, there are 29 posters with topics covering Food, Mobility, Resource Management and many more.


Let's inspire!

Thank you very much to the authors of the texts and posters! I you also want to present your university project here, you are more than welcome. Please write to


Let's change!

We are happy that we can make visible on these pages how much is happening out there and want to encourage everybody to start an own project!



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