Greeting Words of the WSEN to the 2013 WSES Delegates

Dear delegates of the 2013 WSES!

Congratulation to your selection to take part in the upcoming WSES! We are the core team of the WSEN and want to introduce this network briefly to you:
During the first WSES in Japan in 2008, the delegates founded a network to stay connected, to share ideas, resources and inspiration, to support students and their sustainability projects all over the world and to have an organization that will be more heard internationally than local initiatives. Five years after the foundation, the WSEN still pursues this goal.

All delegates of the current and past WSES are part of this community but also other interested persons can become active in the network.
Communication within the network is easy: we have a facebook page as well as a mailinglist (please register to read and post). Our website can be found here.
To give inspiration, the WSEN has set up the "Student Project Database" which can be found on the website. We are already looking forward to the poster presentation with your initiatives during the WSES in September! If you want to see what previous year's delegates presented, check out this and this.
We are also offering mentoring for student groups within our "Future Campus Project" (FCP) and building up a section on material for student action on campuses at the moment.

Some WSEN core team members (their tasks are to develop the network further e.g. through cooperations with other organizations and through offers like the FCP as well as to keep the network, the website and the facebook page running) will also be present during the WSES and conduct a workshop called "Scale Up Your Ideas and Projects – Develop the WSEN Further With Us!" We would be happy if you joined us there, Wednesday, Session "Sustainability projects"!

All the best and see you soon!
The WSEN core team

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