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a wonderful thing happened! Our WSEN transition team is working, working and working ... and the webmaster, me, had to take a sick leave due to a heavy cold (thanks, I am way better now) and found some time to finalize this one article, I wanted to post such a long time ago.

Yes, you correctly guessed by the title: it has to end in a link spam. But not just any link spam, it has to be an environmental link spam!

So today, I dedicate this article to the earthworm.
A very cute example can be found in the Wikipedia.
Did you know, that there are more than 3.500 sorts of earthworms? That they are an integral part of our agricultural success?
And if that doesn't amaze you (after reading the wiki page and following its links), you can also build toilets which recycle the waste water with the help of a specific sort of an earth worm. You can find more information about the toilet on the homepage of the developing institute in India. (I have never tested it nor checked the literature for hard scientific truth about it. Be wise, stay doubtful :).)

Leaving our cutie aside, I already mentioned the hard work of the WSEN transition team. I listened in on the conversion and extracted a link for you to read!
It never hurts to check out what other groups already found out how and how not to design a lasting organization structure. The article here is about the firm called Sandbox which connects change makers with some spicy entrepreneurship (no advertisement intended again :)). They already went through four years of hard work in creating a network - and actually making money out of it! This article is a write up about their learned lessons.
At least, we will definitively stay non-profit in contrast to them :D.

Before I end with the last link, I would like to introduce you also to a biodiversity card game! If your main holiday is Christmas like in Germany, New Year, Thanksgiving etc. there will always be some time for travels, waiting, meeting with friends and family. Why not invest some time in learning and playing the phylogame? You play in creating an ecosystem full of flora and fauna. If a species is missing, you can design your own card or find an additional card deck including the species to be printed out on that phylogame-page or other places in the internet.
The cards are themselves very beautiful, I think :)

And now to the last link:
At the end of September, the IPCC published their report! No, what, yes?
If your apology for missing it is similar to mine: vacation!!!1 now it is your time!
Head to their page and grab a copy to read. And if you, like me, prefer the shorter version, the page offers a two-page version and one with 33 pages for policy makers which already has an Erratum.

So did you read it? What is your opinion about it?

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