Project: future campus kick off

Hi there!
Fran and I, from the VUBrussels, launched our future campus kick off on the 4th of November. We offered the participants some nice vegetarian sandwiches and installed ourselves on different tables in a bar. The purpose was that everyone switched from one table to the other in about 15 minutes and discussed some sustaianbility-related topic with and active component of future projects at the university. the debates were triggered by a small video. Several studentgroups joined as well. We also launched a competition for the best sustainablity project: ambitiuous, realistic and fun! The two winners could go with the CLIMATE TRAIN to Warsaw for COP 19. 
Fran and I liked all this iedeas, and the organization of the kick off went smooth. The attendance was rather low, so we made some more publicity plans for next year. 
But yeah, it's a start!

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