-- Work still in progress --

Even if it looks like nothing changes and feels that these Network people must be really lazy - it's not the case! We're busily working in the background!

Beside being Networkers we're students writing Diploma Thesis', Master Thesis' hearing lectures... But actually we're refining the logo drafts, filling the homepage with content, making it nice with pictures, working on the future campus project, trying to imagine how to raise money, wondering how to fill the Network with life, planning the application for the 2013th Summit...

You see, there is a lot to do for our small team. But to accelerate the progress of the WSEN we would be grateful for your help for example in the following areas:

  • If you know someone who has some money left for a good cause and wants to be a sponsor (or if you are highly motivated to lobby companies to make them wanting to be our sponsor): talk to  Niko (fcp@wsen.org).
  • If you like the concept of the Future Campus Project and want to bring in your own ideas: you're welcome to contact Niko (as well): fcp@wsen.org
  • If you can set up Drupal in 10 min and/or correct a CSS file and have time you don't want to waste: talk to Agnes (agnes.meyder@wsen.org) and help her finding the bugs!
  • If you love surfing in the Internet and want to do it for a reason: We would like to know and list the various student groups/initiatives which are doing comparable work (contact Ronja: ronja.ratzbor@wsen.org) and
  • if you then like to initiate and keep contact with people, contact Ronja (ronja.ratzbor@wsen.org) to start to connect with the found groups all around the globe.
  • If you're better in searching the Internet for projects: we want to have Best Practice Projects (BP) on our homepage. Projects that already running, which can be contacted to build up equivalent projects at other places (contact: bestpractice@wsen.org).
  • If you want to do other stuff: please contact us (info@wsen.org), we'll find something fitting for you!

You won't be forced to be a full working Networker, even a few hours a month would help us a lot (but it might happen when you catch fire).

Summary: We have a lot to do and will do it but quite slowly due to the limited time of just a few team members. Help us to grow faster and bring in your ideas! Please contact us: info@wsen.org

We're happy to hear from you!

Agnes, Aya, Carina, Hagen, Joty, Niko, Ronja, Shiori

(We are sorry to say that working in the WSEN does not help your application for a WSESummit.)

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