GA Representatives

Elected by and among the student delegates prior to a Summit (= General Assembly), General Assembly (GA) Representatives join after the Summit the decision-making body of the WSEN to enhance its creativity and strengthen its direct connection with student participants. While the general tasks are to collaboratively push the WSEN and coordinate related activities, the GA representatives are more than anything else the direct link between the Executive Board and the delegates.

GA Representatives 2015/16

Casey Macfarlane

Dennis Pedrazas

Isabell Mema Rasch

Leat Ahrony

Marie Hubatova

Nicola Rule

GA Representatives 2014/15

Anatasha Petronella Dirorimwe (Botswana)

Azadeh Zarekar (Iran)

Devon Ronald Dublin (Guyana/ Japan)

Emanoel Alfred (Tanzania/ South Africa)

Jelioth Muthoni (Kenya)

Julian Sprick (Germany)

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