Suggested Executive Board 2015/16

In July 2015, the elections of the WSEN will take place. WSEN Alumni have the chance to vote on amendments of the WSEN legal statues and have the chance to elect to vote for the Executive Board 2015/16. The Executive is the core executive body of the WSEN. It consists of experienced members and volunteers guiding the network and operating the regular activities of the WSEN, like summit organisation support or future host selection. It is open to motivated students, who are or were delegates at a WSEN Global Summit, or former Summit organisers or volunteers.

Below we present the proposed Executive Board members in alphabetical order. The Executive Board is elected as a whole not by candidate.

Andre Troost

Andre Troost (South Africa)

Field of Study: Innovation and Strategy Management, Sustainable Development

Motivation For me the WSEN represents a platform where students can converse, which should lead to formulation of projects and ideas and most importantly, action. As we move ahead with the global sustainability challenge in the youth context, it is imperative to extend the network to more universities from a wider range of countries. For dialogue to take place connections are indispensable and as such I am committed to extend the WSEN, with emphasis on the networking. Additionally and most importantly, I would like to contribute to achieving continuity in delegates’ university projects that they bring to the summit. In order to do so, communication is essential between the executive board, past summit organisers and former delegates. I am currently traveling through Latin America and Africa and doing sustainability volunteer work.

Previous WSEN experience 2014 summit organiser

Azadeh Zarekar (Iran)

Field of Study: Environmental Planning and Management

Motivation Being part of WSEN, for me, is a great opportunity to learn, act and share. This student-led organization has gathered students from all around the globe for the last 7 years to inspire them to take action and make the change. As a former delegate, I feel the moral responsibility to contribute to WSEN and cooperate to make annual WSEN Global Summits happen. I hope to see this network alive and expanding year by year.

Previous WSEN experience 2014 delegate, GA Representative 2014/15

Elodie d'Halloweyn (Belgium)

Field of Study: Environmental Science and Management, Political Science – International Relations

Motivation WSEN is for me an exceptional and relevant way to connect young people around the world. All climate change and environmental issues are global and can’t be faced without efficient international governance. WSEN offers possibilities to bring young generations to work together, become accustomed with different realities about environmental issues and create positive dynamic between passionate students. WSEN help us to become better change makers.

Previous WSEN experience 2014 delegate

Giorgina (Gina) King (South Africa/ Kenya)

Field of Study: Postgrad in Social Innovation, MA in History

Motivation The WSEN has the potential to create enormous change at Higher Education institutions across the world. Universities have been known as places of critical thought and catalysts of change. Climate change and environmental degradation are the biggest threats facing this planet, and our ability to create sustainable change not only within these institutions, but together in building future careers that contribute to the betterment of our world, I believe, is worth the hard work and energy needed. I'm interested in growing our reach and partnerships, on building systems that measure our impact in order to apply for the necessary funding for further expansion, building our global presence, and ensuring the sustainability of the organisation as a whole. Mostly, I'm interested in the ability the WSEN has to change all of our lives, as it certainly has mine.

Previous WSEN experience 2014 delegate, 2015 summit organiser, EB Member 2014/15

Joseph Grainger Gasser (USA/ Switzerland)

Field of Study: Business and Economics

Motivation The WSEN is an incredible platform connecting a very diverse group of students. Having the opportunity to meet and share with these “change makers” is what motivates me. The most important aspect is realizing that youth from around the world are facing challenges regarding sustainability and the WSEN brings us together, makes us stronger.
My objectives when elected will be to strengthen the network especially once the WSEN Global Summits are over. There is an amazing alumnus of WSEN delegates, some of which I have had the opportunity to meet whilst traveling around the world. We have to make sure these this network realizes its potential.

Previous WSEN experience 2012 Summit organiser, 2013 Summit volunteer, transition committee member 2013/14, 2014 Summit volunteer, EB Member 2014/15

Martin Bosak (Germany)

Field of Study: Climate Studies, Environmental Sciences

Motivation Being a member of the WSEN means to be part of a community seeking for change towards a future characterised by global equality and sustainability. Since I am a member of the WSEN Executive Board after organising the 2013 Summit in Lüneburg, Germany, I am amazed how things have developed during the last two years accomplishing the transition to becoming an official international organisation. For the next year, I would like to enhance our efforts for external funding, enabling the WSEN to support our global student projects on the long run. Moreover, I would like to support the build of the new webpage, including a database for giving an overview of all WSEN student projects.

Previous WSEN experience 2011 delegate, 2013 summit organiser, transition committee member 2013/14, EB member 2014/15

Wladyslaw (Wlad) Senn

Field of Study: Environmental Sciences

Motivation First involved in the WSEN as a student during my Master in Environmental Sciences at the University of Lausanne, Switzerland, I have taken up more responsibilities within the international team after having co-organised the 2012 Summit in Lausanne. Now sustainability professional, I have run projects on a Scottish campus, coaching students in making sustainability concrete. With the WSEN team, I have worked on establishing the organisation as a formal association, developing key partnerships with the National Union of Students UK and others, and making the student voice heard in various circles. Elected, I plan to focus on 1) improving the follow-up of delegates coming back to their universities and setting-up their projects, 2) using my professional experience for developing the direct interactions with universities themselves, 3) calling for external reviews of our organisation, 4) developing the WSEN participation in the new international alliance, Students Organising for Sustainability, launched this year.

Previous WSEN experience 2012 summit organiser, 2013 summit volunteer, transition committee member 2013/14, EB member 2014/15

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