General Assembly 2015 in Australia

The 2nd General Assembly of the WSEN will take place during this year’s WSEN Global Summit at Murdoch University, Australia. At the WSEN General Assembly, the mandate of the current International Committee is transferred to the new members, which are elected prior to the WSEN Global Summit. The online election will be carried out between the 3rd-12th of July. The WSEN Alumni (2012-2014 WSEN summit delegates, organisers and volunteers) and the delegates of this year's WSEN Global Summit are eligible to vote for the new Executive Board, consisting of experienced WSEN members. In addition, this year's delegates will vote for their representation in the International Committee though the election of six General Assembly Representatives. Besides the elected decision-body the new International Committee will be informed by the Advisory Board, the 2016 Global Summit Organisers and student representatives of Doshisha University. The new International Committee will remain in office until the next General Assembly at the WSEN Global Summit 2016, which will be co-hosted by the University of Keele and the University of Sussex, United Kingdom.

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