WSEN Alumni working group

The Alumni Working Group of the WSEN aims at keeping the former delegates connected and provides them with the opportunity to learn, share and spread project ideas after WSEN Global Summits.

This is achievable by joining the where former delegates and summit organisers are in constant contact and can discuss their ideas at an international setting. Members of this group will also be kept updated about WSEN internal programs and news.

This WG also intends to support and monitor the progress of sustainability projects at the WSEN Global Summits developed and suggested by the summit delegates. So an online survey has been launched in 2014 through which former delegates are asked about the status of implementing their project, the challenges they face and the support they need from their university or the WSEN. The received responses by June 2015 have been analyzed and the results are published in the Alumni Report 2014/15. The outputs of this survey help the WSEN team to have a realistic idea of the effectiveness of the WSEN Global Summits and improve its future plans.

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