Student Projects

Change! Was the motto of the 2012 WSES

The strength of our network is that altogether we have a lot of knowledge with projects at universities: Most of the WSEN members and WSES alumni have successfully established projects at their universities. For others who also want to start something this experience can be used and we often do not have to reinvent the wheel. But we need to collect this knowledge and share it with others so that more and more sustainability is realized at other universities around the globe.


This is exactly what the WSEN wants to do! So on the right side of this page you can click on different project descriptions written by WSEN members and we have as well put up all the posters which were prepared for a WSES (like in 2010 and 2012). Let yourself be inspired from all of these ideas because in this case replication is asked for!


Please describe your project on 1-2 pages or in a short video or podcast and send it to

Please keep in mind that the aim of this student project database is to present projects which can be replicated somewhere else. Thus, please make your contribution as concrete as possible and easy to understand. The questions below can be a guideline for this:

  • What is your project about?
  • What did you concretely change at your university / What did the project improve?
  • How did you manage to come to this change? How did you proceed? What was necessary? Who supported you? How did you convince people at your uni?
  • What would you do better when looking back?
  • What advice can you give others who want to achieve the same change at their uni?
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