WSEN Global Summit in South Africa was a success!

We live in a hierarchical world in which our interpretations of democracy have led us to diminish the power of a single vote. The World Student Environmental Network (WSEN) Summit this year did things a little differently right from the start. We decided to keep our team small and made sure that each person on the team had an equal vote. With a total of 10 people with 4 on the core organising committee, we managed to pull together the summit that took place from the 30 June – 5 July 2014.

WSEN2015: Reconnecting with Nature

Murdoch University in Perth, Western Australia will be the host of 2015’s World Student Environmental Network summit. The WSEN 2015 will take place 13 July – 18 July 2015 with the theme “Reconnecting with Nature”. The organisation of the 2015 summit is underway. Currently, the organising team is contacting universities inviting them to send delegates.

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